What is Currently Known About GTA 6?

gta 6

Guns, cars, girls , explosions, dead bodies and massive chaos, what we’ve come to love in the grand theft auto series and which Rockstar games has filled our hunger for all these years from the first entry in the series to the last entry. Grand Theft Auto has filled our gratification for violence in all their games especially with the last entry into the GTA series, GTA V was a whole new experience for players, with the world becoming more open and immersive with a whole lot of activities and missions to keep you engrossed in the game, especially with GTA online which was a game changer for the franchise, boasting of over 33 million players from over 200 countries which is mind blowing, hence GTA V has continuously been on top of the chart for years.

In early last year, GTA V became the highest grossing media title of all time, with Rockstar’s fifth entry into the grand theft auto franchise grossing a mammoth $6 billion dollars against a production budget of $265 million, GTA V has become a massive cash cow for Rockstar games, who will do as much as they can to milk as much cash as they can from the franchise. With GTA V being received to much critical acclaim and has been for over 5 years now, gamers have been looking forward to the next release in the franchise GTA VI

So many rumors have been popping up here and there about GTA VI, and I know that you’re as anxious as we are about the next GTA VI, we do have some information about what to expect from the next GTA game and in this post I’ll let you in on what we do know.

Release Date

Although we cannot fully confirm the release date, but judging from the past. We can expect GTA VI to be released around the fall of 2020. So I’m sorry we all have to wait before we can get our hands on the next GTA. We’ve waited this long, so what’s a few more months left to wait?

Will It Be Available on the Current Generation of Consoles?

At the 2019 E3, XBOX officially confirmed the release of their next generation console titled the XBOX Scarlett which will be debuting next year, so we can confirm that we will soon have our hands on new generation consoles, however we can also confirm that the new GTA VI will not be available on the current generation of consoles, namely the PlayStation 4 series and Xbox 1 series, with a leak stating that GTA VI is too heavy for this generation of consoles.

So if you want to be able to play the new GTA game you have to invest in the next generation of consoles that are about to be released. A major disappointment for a lot of people though, but honestly the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 were major leaps in gaming technology and we can expect that the next generation of consoles will be an even bigger leap and immersive experience for gamers. The XBOX team stating that the XBOX Scarlett would be able to play games at 8K resolution and at 120FPS. This is something to really look forward too, so better start saving up.

What Timeline Will the GTA VI Game Be Set?

There was an online leak some time ago that stated that GTA VI will not be set in the modern time.

There Will Be a Return to Previous Fan Favorite Location

According to the leaked article, GTA VI will return to some locations in previous games, GTA VI will allow players to travel between different big cities like liberty city and vice city. The leak stated that players will begin the game in liberty city before proceeding to vice city. It likely seems that players would be able to move across multiple major cities. Although these multiple cities have been popping up for years, looking at how multiple cities were available in Red Dead Redemption 2, we have reason to believe that there will be multiple cities in the game.

Story Line

We do know that in the title, which will make you kind of a drug lord, you will start as a small time guy in Liberty city doing odd jobs and small scale thefts then eventually work your way up to vice city where you’ll then join a famous gang, where you’ll be given a task to look after businesses in Vice city and then be brought back to liberty city where you become a drug lord.

A Male Protagonist

There’s been some clamouring for a female protagonist in the GTA series, but from the leak we can confirm that there will be a male protagonist as there have been with the previous franchises, so we probably have to wait a little longer to see a female protagonist in the GTA series.

GTA Online

We do know how important GTA online has been to Rockstar, the leak stated that we can expect big plans for the GTA online with more location and stranger missions.

That is all we can confirm about GTA VI but we do promise to keep you updated with all the information we can get. From the leaks we can expect that GTA VI is going to a completely new experience for gamers. Do not forget about our GTA 5 money generator. Good luck!