How is Gta 5 Still So Popular in 2019?

gta 2019

There is no doubt that both versions – the offline and the online of Grand Theft Auto 5 have overwhelmed the open world gaming industry while attracting more of the audience. Here are a few aspects which are keeping GTA 5 still so popular in 2019:

Mesmerizing Graphics

Since after its release back in 2013, the online play of GTA 5 has undergone several updates, keeping this game still young for new players and the former enthusiasts. While coming to the aspects which make Grand Theft Auto 5 first choice for everyone, there are numerous to elaborate, the most primary of which is its graphics which truly depict the virtual reality of what a virtual world may be supposed to be. Its minutes detailing lifts it above other games of its kind.

The game features different characters, vehicles, road maps, buildings, natural sceneries, oceanic views, celestial glances, and much more from real life all aligned well-mannered and well-crafted. The formulation of graphics is yet quite impressive which focus on special details specific to particular location, mission, vehicles or characters; such as urban streets, rural pathways and industrial sites are inhabited by the well-mannered, poor looking or worker type people respectively.

There is a controlled character through which the players walk the roads, drive the vehicles of their choice, scramble the hikes, fly the jets, converse, fight, open up the guns and many other manifestations which spring only in the faded beliefs of having them done some time in life. Yes, this is the virtual reality at your feet, which allows you to do the things of your choice and do the way of your choice.

Freedom in Open World

Beyond being virtually perfect, another unformidable feature of this game is its openness and complete freedom to navigate through the entire fictional city of Los Santos – a depicted preview of Los Angeles. You may choose the view of either first person or third person and, using any one out of three characters which change mission to mission, may control the entire gameplay at your own. This gives you credence to walk through an open world and do whatever you may think to do. It offers a lot of social, political and sexual appeals which not only make the player offensive because they want to be offensive, and it is fine to be offensive in a virtual world, but also a will to desire in their gaming arena. In addition to this, there is law enforcement follows the character based on its Wanted’ level. But, the fund does not end here, you could go for sightseeing, hunting, go to movies, become a real estate investor, build a space docker, play golf, tennis, or darts and run a triathlon as well.

Despite doing so many things, there are certain things you can’t still do, nevertheless, as long as you are the inside game you are allowed to live in this illusion of virtual reality and credulity that you can do everything and are going to do everything.

GTA 5 Online – A Valued Extension

Today, the version of GTA 5 Online is a world unique in its own with much new and developed stuff like cars, bikes, special vehicles and lot new things to do. The players enjoy their innovation in making moves while playing. Though virtually weaker than offline version, GTA 5 online is yet quite vast and oceanic game which is quite more addictive and introduces to you several missions with shorter storylines.

The online roles and missions are the extension of offline version of the game which adds more fun and more addiction to the game by letting you purchase brand new vehicles and passing through the unique and different missions. Coupled with chat, the online role play brings quite a different perspective of online sessions with the GTA 5 community. Players dive into their specific roles of GTA 5 online game; there, they share their experience, stories, perceptions, and chat right through the entire session of GTA 5 online gameplay.


There are numerous achievements this game has acquired till 2018 and yet expanding its arms to gather more in 2019. Rockstar, along with its parent company Take-Two Interactive, is managing to control hackers and cheaters to make the gaming more transparent and more appealing. Rockstar’s continuous investment in and development of this game is adding more and more to this game’s online features and, believably, this is why GTA 5 sold more than 100 million copies in 2018 and yet keeps doing more.

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