December 10, 2016        Yan2295

Interview of an ex-Rockstar Games employee; I need your questions

UPDATE: Submissions are now over. Questions were sent to the ex-employee. Stay tuned for the interview!

Hey everyone!

As the title implies, I will have the chance to interview an ex-Rockstar Games employee in the coming weeks. To make this interview interesting, I obviously need some good questions to ask, and this is where your help will be important; I need your questions. Please do not ask questions like "When is GTA 6 coming out", "What is the next GTA Online Update" and such. Your questions should be more about Rockstar in general as a company, or about past / released content, not upcoming content.

Send me your questions via email at I will then choose the best ones and those will be used in the interview. You have until January 1st to send me your questions, the interview should then be posted sometime in January.

Looking forward to receiving your questions, and thank you!

Thanks to BenDeR from for the help.

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