March 15, 2017        Yan2295

My interview with the ex-Rockstar employee won't happen...

Remember that interview with an ex-Rockstar employee I talked about? Well, it won't happen. Turns out he's been screwing with me the whole time. The guy is Brian Bruffey, some of you probably know him, especially if you were active on Twitter from 2013 to 2015. The guy was indeed working for Rockstar, he was one of those guys who basically are the connection between the devs and the support agents (the ones writing changelogs for example). He left Rockstar in late 2015 for personnal reasons. I knew him since late 2014, he was actually a cool guy, I liked him a lot.

So back in september of last year, I asked him if he would accept to do an interview, that I would post on my website in English, and on GTANF in French, and he accepted, but wanted to wait for a few months to be legally safe, which we did. Everything was going fine until he missed the deadlines we agreed on, and several times. He then started to ignore my messages when I was asking him what was going on, so I had to put pressure on him, which he's now using as a (terrible) excuse to explain why he won't send me the answers (that he probably never wrote anyway). You'll see all that below in the conversation I had with him, keep an eye on the dates.

I was really looking forward to this interview, and I know many of you guys were too, but sadly that happened. I still want to thank everyone who sent me questions, I received more than 500 in total. No need to go on Twitter and spam him or give him shit though, please don't do that.

Again I'm sorry, but undersand that I'm as disappointed and mad as you are, and probably even more.

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